Saturday, 18 April 2020

Yoda - Zbrush

Hi folks,

Hope everybody is doing okay. Think this is week 4 of our lockdown - really starting to lose track of the days!  

This is an oldish attempt at a piece of Yoda fan art. Weirdly, I found it difficult to find good reference images from the side and back but eventually found a few (there's some great behind the scenes pics of Stuart Freeborn working on him which were very helpful)

I built the sculpt in about 12 pieces and although it's not too clear, stuff like his cloak, belt, cane and blissl (necklace/instrument thingy) were all built individually. The figure was sculpted in Zbrush with all textures scratch built using some homemade alphas.

Might try a character or two from The Mandalorian..



Tuesday, 7 April 2020


Hi Folks,

Hope everbody is managing as best they can during these really difficult times.

I've been doing a few wee art things during the lockdown and will try get back into the swing of social media again - it's been way too long!

I've not finished this sculpt yet and it's quite vaguely blocked out but I'll put out updates on progress. I don't want to mention who it is yet although there is still a beard, hair and clothes to add (the beard might be a hint)



Friday, 13 July 2018

Taran - zb wip

Hi folks.

I've roughly blocked this old creature design I had lying around into Zbrush. It's very simple with just a few subtools for eyes and whatever will be their costume. I've not really set the BPS settings except to reduce the shadow strength by about 50%. As I type this, I just noticed that the shadows have made one of the eyes on the first image look a little strange. The eye's not really drooping - just the shadow cast.

Still a fair amount of work to do on it but I'll post some updates, alongside a few of the other characters I've been working on in the coming posts.

Gordon. x

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Zbrush sculpt - scene test.

Hi folks,

So I've been doing some more work with Zbrush lately and decided to try something different.. I based this sculpt off of one of my brother's illustrations, trying to do as much within Zbrush without resorting to Photoshop or Keyshot etc.. for compositing & rendering.

Most of the modelling was fairly straightforward except for the crisp packets and cans - I found making hollow objects very difficult! The final render has a smidge of Ambient Occlusion and wax preview added within the BPR settings.

Cheers again to Robert for letting me use his illustration to work from.


Wednesday, 30 May 2018


Hi folks. So, I've been working on a few subtools for my zbrush sculpts lately. I figured just to build some generic base teeth and eyes which I could re-use and modify for future work. I've also been creating a few materials for teeth aswell. The second pic is a modified ivory material.

I'd post some grabs of the eyeball models but am still having problems working out how to render the lens around the eyes as transparent! It works fine in BPR mode but I'm missing something when rendering out as a Best Render. Will post some pics when I suss it!


Thursday, 24 May 2018

Fur test.

A few basic fur tests with fibermesh using Rick Baker's awesome zbrush recipe. I think this is the one he used for one of his Star Wars cantina dudes. The original tutorial can be found at zbrush central

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Zbrush wip

Hey folks.

I've been testing out the Zbrush 2018 upgrade recently and have to say I'm mightily impressed with the addition of Sculptris Pro into the software. Being a non-techy person, I'm finding it much easier to add detail & geommetry on the fly. It definitely feels more intuitive.

The pic I've posted here is a revamp of an old sculpt & it's still a wip at the moment. I'll post some updates as the sculpt progresses.